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Let Brettish Do All The Work, So You Don’t Have To

(If You are a Property Professional, Property Seller, or Investor)


Make 2023 the year where you finally remove the "Feast for Stress and Time wasting" from your life or business, permanently.

( investors, business owners, or landlords we all experience it and it's uncomfortable sometimes. To keep going round and round in circle, Let's replace that with something a little more stress-free: and productive) 

By having Brettish do all the work for you in a timebound and efficient way.

Saving you valuable time and money


Case Study Solution Statements.

Ms Afi Wilson – Year was 2014, I was heavily pregnant and was advised to stop working at 5 months due to my health, I was unemployed for 3 months and needed a home, I could take my baby home once he was born. For 2 months I was searching and searching, and no estate agent wanted to assist because I was unemployed. There was no available accommodation with housing, they offered to pay DSS, but no agent wanted to take me on DSS. Fidelia was my friend and I called her she worked and lived in London at that time, and I was in Preston looking for a home. She asked how she could help and I said, I wanted a 2 or 3bed house with a garden close to the train station, bus station and local shops because at that time I did not have a car. She asked for my budget and said to leave it with her. She called me 3hours later asking where I was, that she had organised a viewing that day with a landlord directly and gave me the details of the property. 9 years later I still live in the same house, Fidelia found with my son in Preston, Lancashire and I went back to work with the NHS. I told her back then she should do this as a job to help people find homes and properties.

Garici LLP – We are a collection of individuals who in 2021 wanted to start a wholesale business which required a commercial premises to trade in. For a whole year in 2022, we called up agents and only got to view just 1 unit which was not ideal and we were almost at the point of giving up, until we found Brettish told them what our requirements were and within weeks we got 6 units to view and 4 were more than ideal, put offers in for two because they were in ideal locations and they were accepted.

Mat Roe – My property business has over 25 properties within it’s portfolio and I was at a stage I needed to have less involvement in managing the operational aspects of the business, I met the Brettist team at an event and discussed my plans and they asked how they could assist. They have been managing the day-to-day running’s of the business which gives me more time to focus on property development, which Brettish are assisting me in as well.

Rev Smith – I had a property that I had tenants in and I had a discussion with Fidelia about my retirement in a year’s time, she asked if I would remain in the area on retirement. I said no that we wanted to buy closer to the grandkids and the property that had tenants would be sold to fund the new property to buy. She asked how much we wanted and when we would be looking to sell, I provided all the information asked, she found a buyer before the tenants moved out. The whole process was done without putting the property on the market and we got the price we wanted



  1. Understand the market using data.

  2. Only work with individuals who want great results.

  3. Work using our proven strategy & plans.

A Consistent approach to decision making will provide stability & A foundation for growth, in your investments and business.

Fidelia Brett’s Best Practices from 15+ Years of helping businesses and investors grow and make more money as a consultant.

Over the last few years, I, and the team at Brettish are proud to be:

  • Growing my company’s ‘Following’ daily across social media to more prospects.

  • Delivering tips online especially on LinkedIn and Instagram on how to get more from property deals and strategies to adopt in increasing ROI.

  • Amassed over 500+ followers and recommendations on LinkedIn & IG.

  • Appeared in industry-leading magazines such as Business Times and Business MK

  • Received a Business Award in 2022 for Brettish Property & Services

  • Getting more referrals from current and previous clients, due to our ethos on providing results.

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