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Brettish is a family business that provides services to a wide variety of customers in both Properties and Facility sector.

Brettish has a reputation for providing value tailored  around our clients and investors requirements. We work in finding the right property deals for buyers, sellers, and investors. As well as managing and maintaining properties on Landlords behalf and ensuring all clients are benefiting on their ROI.

We provide a bespoke service; we provide value for money and we always guarantee results within a set time frame.


We provide quality services to your properties/facilities using a dedicated, fully qualified team to  ensure your property is maintained in an excellent condition through out the contract agreements.

We have a weekly or monthly communication, status and financial reports for all the properties we manage to be discussed with individual clients.

Our team members are fully insured and vetted, before carrying out any jobs through Brettish.

We are registered with all appropriate governing bodies, in ensuring that Brettish is Compliant in providing exceptional services to it’s clients.

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