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Is It Worth Being A Landlord In Today's Climate.

The current economic climate has made it more difficult for landlords to find good tenants and keep them. This is causing many landlords to consider the cost of being a landlord versus the income it generates.

There are several factors that affect the viability of being a landlord in today’s world:

1. Current Economic Climate

The current economic climate has created a situation where many landlords have difficulty finding good tenants, which leads to vacant properties. Vacancy rates are increasing, which means potential rental income is decreasing. At the same time, mortgage interest rates are rising, and utility costs are increasing due to higher energy prices. This further reduces potential rental income for landlords who have monthly mortgage payments and bills to pay.

2. Mortgage Rise

In addition to the increasing interest rates, mortgages have also increased in price over the last year as well. This means that not only is there less money available for landlords after paying mortgages but also that they will be paying more on their loans every month, so less money is available for other expenses such as maintenance or repairs.

3. Utility Rise

Utility costs are also on the rise due to higher energy prices caused by unstable economies around the world and the overall energy crisis.

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