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Property Servicing & Maintenance

Property Servicing & Maintenance 

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Property Servicing &
Maintenance Locations

Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire,
Central Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire,
ondon, Northamptonshire.

Finding a reliable handyman and property maintenance experts to resolve all your indoor and outdoor property maintenance needs could be tricky. At Brettish, we would provide all aspects of property maintenance and service repairs and renovation. We have a track record of excellent job delivery, 100% customer satisfaction.

We offer a full range property maintenance service. We are a local business who are proud to provide professional services to property management companies, facilities, landlords and letting agents in meeting all your property servicing and maintenance needs.

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We provide regular cleaning on a contract basis in our Commercial and Residential


We would ensure we maintain and preserve the condition of your building to a functioning capacity

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